Social, Labour Affairs Department (SLA)

The Social Labour Affairs Department, handles business sustainability issues, policy advocacy, advisory, human resources and Consultancy Services among others.

Specifically, SLA provides the following services:

  1. Advisory and guidance services on the whole gamut of Human Resources Management, Employees and Industrial Relations
  2. Engages in outreach and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about social and labour issues (except legal, regulatory and taxation). By collaborating with stakeholders, community organizations, and non-governmental organizations, the department seeks to create   a supportive environment for business sustainability and fair labour practices.
  3. Serves as an intermediary between employers and employees, ensuring fair and equitable labour practices and compliance with labour laws and regulations.
  4. Management of Partnership projects such as ITF-NECA Technical Skills Development Project, NSITF-NECA Safework Place Intervention Project, Private Sector CSR among others.
  5. Membership recruitment and retention: select visitations to members, recruitment drive, etc;
  6. Management of International relations: ITC/ILO, Business Africa, ALAC, FWAE and other opportunities for member-companies;
  7. Collaborates with external partners on Projects that enhance compliance and productivity of Businesses. Partners include Government, Non-Governmental, Labour, Businesses and International Development Institutions,
  8. Ensure that members’ records are updated to ensure that they are kept abreast of information and activities of the Secretariat.
  9. Coordinates the quarterly meetings of the Committee Of Corporate Communications And Public Affairs Experts (CCC&PAE),
Adenike Ajala

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