Legal, Regulatory & Taxation Department (LRT)

The Legal, Regulatory & Taxation (LRT) Department is responsible for all Legal, Regulatory & Taxation issues involving the generality of NECA’s member companies. LRT advocates, represents, and protects employers’ interests in all sectors of the economy through all legal and legitimate means. LRT coordinates the quarterly meetings of the Committee of Finance Experts (COFE), the Committee of Legal Advisers and Company Secretaries (COLACS), the Management Committee (MC) and the Governing Council (GC).

It should be noted that Membership of COFE and COLACS is opened to representatives from member companies.

LRT provides the following additional services:

  • Advocacy & Representation on Legal, Regulatory & Taxation issues with the Executive Arm of Government and their Agencies at the Federal, States and Local Government levels.
  • Advisory & Guidance Services on Legal, Regulatory and Taxation Issues to all Member-Companies of the Association, irrespective of size, sector, location, etc.
  • Meetings & Representation with the Legislative Arm of Government i.e. the National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly, especially on Bills and issues that are of interest to Businesses.
  • Overseeing the setting up and coordinating the activities of the NECA-Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Securities Issuers Forum (SIF)
  • Interface with External Legal firms on litigation, legal opinions and legal services/research, etc
  • Support Services to all member companies on Legal Agreements and Document drafting
  • Legislative Tracking/Observatory: National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly.
  • Interactive Sessions with Ministries and/Agencies of Government whose activities would impact on Businesses in one way or the other.
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions on Legal, Tax and Regulatory Issues – to educate and build the capacity of staff of our member-companies
  • Handle the Secretariats of the following Sectoral Employers’ Associations: Employers’ Desk Management: Precision Electrical and Related Equipment Employer’s Association of Nigeria (PEREAN), Association of Metal Products Iron & Steel Employers of Nigerian (AMPISEN) and, Shop and Distributive Trade Employers Association of Nigeria (S&DTEAN).
Mr. Thompson Akpabio

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