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We are committed to the all round
success of our members.

Our Members Business, Our Passion.

We are committed to the all round
success of our members.

Our Members Business, Our Passion.
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How we help your business

Promoting Harmony, Fostering Prosperity. The Voice of the Private Sector

For over 60 years NECA has been the voice of business on varied and diverse issues aimed at improving the environment for enterprises to survive and flourish. Our membership cuts across all sectors of the economy and all sizes of businesses from micro to conglomerate.








We currently run two Public-Private Partnership projects in collaboration with two different public agencies namely: Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF). They are funded by the public agencies and managed by NECA.


We provide advice and guidance on the whole gamut of Human Resource Management, Employee and Industrial Relations, Government and Community Relations with the aim of creating an atmosphere industrial peace and harmony in the workplace thereby enhancing productivity and development.


We plan, develop and organise training programmes for employees of member companies and other organisations. The training types include Open/Scheduled, Enterprise and Policy Based training.

All programmes are designed to meet corporate objectives. We have first-hand knowledge about Employers’ issues.


Our training courses empower your business to thrive in the modern world. Stay ahead of the game and tap into your full potential.

Nigeria Data Privacy Regulation (NDPR) and Cyber Security: Implications

13 – 14 Aug. 2024

57th Advanced Course (Residential) on Human Resource Management, Decent Work and Labour Relations

23 – 27 Sep. 2024


HR News

Effective human resources (HR) policies are essential for fostering a positive work environment and ensuring the well-being of employees. They should promote fairness, transparency, and accountability within the organization.

Negotiation News

Negotiation is both an art and a craft that requires a blend of interpersonal skills and strategic thinking. It involves the ability to communicate effectively, understand the needs and motivations of the parties involved, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

News Update on Advocacy and Negotiation

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective advocacy and negotiation skills are indispensable tools for employers striving to navigate complex challenges and achieve their organizational objectives. Whether advocating for the interests of their company or...

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to promote and support sustainability of enterprise. Our mission as the premier BMO is to  influence economic and socio-labour policies that will create a favourable operating environment for sustainable enterprise in Nigeria.

Beyond Collaboration: NECA Crafting Tomorrow’s Business Ecosystem Today


NECA is the umbrella organization of employers in the Organised Private Sector.


We have a competent team of management, professional and senior staff with experience…


We engage in social economic and labour affairs, public private partnerships, learning and development…


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About us

Who We Are

Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) is the umbrella organization of employers in the Organised Private Sector of Nigeria. It was formed in 1957 to provide the forum for the Government to consult with private sector employers on socio-economic and labour policy issues.

NECA provides a platform for private sector employers to interact with the government, labour, communities and other relevant institutions in and outside Nigeria for the purpose of promoting harmonious business environment that will engender productivity and prosperity for the benefit of all. NECA is not a trade union but a dynamic and highly respected professional body registered under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 with the following membership structure:

Conference, Meeting, Training Halls
and Rooms for Rent

Our tastefully furnished Event Centre has all the amenities for all type of events – Corporate AGMs, Product Launches, Conferences, Training Activities, Social gatherings such as banquets, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, etc. With a central location that is accessible from every part of Lagos, we are second to none!


What our members are saying

David Ugo, MD, Sundry Ltd

NECA’s expertise proved invaluable when navigating negotiations for our firm. Their guidance and strategic approach allowed us to achieve favourable outcomes with ease. Trustworthy and talented, NECA is a true asset for any business looking to navigate complex negotiations seamlessly.

Bimbo Taiwo, Consultant

NECA’s relentless dedication in engaging the government regarding unfavourable bussiness climate has been nothing short of remarkable. Their unwavering commitment to championing the rights of businesses and advocating for fair policies has brought about positive change on a truly transformative scale.

Felicia Jonah, CEO, NANTES

With their expertise and tireless efforts, NECA has paved the way for a conducive business environment, fostering growth, and enabling companies to flourish. Their influential presence and collaborative approach have ensured that the voices of  entrepreneurs are heard, leading to a more equitable business climate.

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