15 - 17 Oct 2024


West African Time (WAT)
9:00 am - 4:00 pm





Planning for Qualitative Future after Work Life


In the lifetime of all employees, there is a tendency that they will experience one of these “Rs” – Retirement or Resignation. Retirement is a most important life phase. While all employees desire to retire comfortably, the complexity and time required in building a successful retirement plan can make the whole process seem difficult. From both a personal and financial perspective, sustaining a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that involves critical planning and years of persistence. The growing interest in planning for qualitative life after paid employment has permeated governments, nations, organizations and individuals thus, caused deliberate policy action towards the care for this extensive group (retirees and employees that are close to retirement). Pension, healthcare systems and insurance schemes, corporate policies etc. have emerged to address the needs of the populace at this important phase of life. Conscious planning is, therefore, imperative in order to take proactive steps toward achieving a reasonable level of activity, comfortability, quality and meaningful life at this significant milestone. This Course on Planning for Golden Years in Retirement; Connecting to a Qualitative Future After Work-Life, has become a flagship course and has, therefore, been specially packaged to assist employers support and prepare their employees for a qualitative, active and fulfilling life in retirement. This three-day intensive workshop provides an opportunity for persons in paid or self-employment, who are determined to take personal responsibility for their retirement to also benefit tremendously.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • To psychologically equip potential retirees and retirees for life after retirement
  • To help participants plan for a qualitative and active life after formal employment
  • To build participants’ confidence to look forward with assurance to retirement as a new, inevitable, and promising phase of life
  • To assist participants in identifying available opportunities in the business environment.
  • To provide a framework for personal financial planning.
  • To understand the fundamentals of generating business ideas, preparing business plans, setting up and managing a business.
  • Looking Forward to Retirement: Realities and Challenges
  • What Am I Cut Out For? An Entrepreneur or An Investor?
  • The Essence of Adding Value through Wealth Creation
  • Forms of Business and How to Register Them
  • Estate Planning (including Making a Will)
  • Generating Your Business Idea
  • Writing Bankable Business Plans
  • Sources of Start-Up Capital
  • Launching into the Export Business: What You Must Know
  • Personal Financial Planning (including viable Investment Options)
  • Managing Your Health in Retirement: Life-long Health Tips
  • Sources of Capital and Maximizing the Benefits of the Contributory Pension Scheme.
  • Business Game

This workshop is recommended for employees of all cadres, especially those who have less than 15 years before retirement, self-employed individuals, and all those desirous of a fulfilling life after retirement.