07 - 08 Feb 2024


9:00 am - 4:00 pm





Nigeria Data Privacy Regulation (NDPR) and Cyber Security Implication for Businesses


The Nigeria Data Privacy Regulation (NDPR) was enacted on April 25, 2019, and applies to both citizens at home and abroad, as well as companies handling Nigerian citizens’ data, whether domestically or internationally. This legislation carries significant ramifications for organizations globally, making it crucial for them to comprehend the Regulation, its expectations, and the consequences of non-compliance. This training is designed to elucidate the Nigeria Data Privacy Regulation, emphasize data safety, and explore its implications for businesses.

  • Analyse key provisions, principles, roles, and responsibilities outlined in the Nigeria Data Privacy Regulation (NDPR) and the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Develop a framework for implementing cyber security and data privacy policies and procedures in the
  • Explain cyber security concepts, threats, and vulnerabilities and identify common cyber-attacks and the potential impact on business
  • Evaluate the implications of NDPR and cyber security breaches on businesses in Nigeria to protect the organization’s reputation and avoid
  • Discuss the implications of cross-border data transfers and international data protection
  • NDPR Principles: Implications for Businesses
  • Fundamentals of NDPR, Objective, Scope, and Benefits.
  • Role of Data Protection Compliance Organization, Data Controllers, Data Processors, and Data Protection Officers.
  • Overview of Consent Form, Privacy Notices and
  • Approaches to Implementing NDPR
  • Cyber Security: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Techniques

This course is targeted at all Information Technology Managers, Statisticians in Public and Private Sectors, Medical Record Officers in public and private hospitals, Directors of Finance, Accountant, Projects Managers, Human Resources/ Administrative Managers, Captains of Industries, Security & Safety Executive, Legal Practitioners, Other relevant stakeholders, Company Secretaries and Legal Advisers, Regulatory and Compliance Managers, etc.