Social, Economic & Labour Affairs Department (SELA)

The Social Economic & Labour Affairs Department, handles economic & business sustainability issues, policy advocacy, advisory, human resources and consultancy Services among others. The Department carries out Socio- Economic Research and preparation of Memoranda on topical Industrial and economic issues, which is disseminated to member-companies.

Specifically, SELA provides the following services:

• Advisory and guidance services on the whole gamut of Human Resources Management, Employees and Industrial Relations,
• Government and Community Relations issues among others;
• Advocacy and representation on all matters (except legal, regulatory and taxation);
• Assists in the preparation of Employment contracts, Staff Handbooks, Salary and Wages Administration, ,
• Performance Appraisal, Collective Bargaining, etc.
• Research and Publications: Business Essentials, Red Flag, Economic Reviews;
• Management of Partnership projects such as NECAPreneur, Private Sector CSR among others.
• Membership recruitment and Retention: select visitations to members, recruitment drive, etc;
• Management of International relations : ITC/ILO, Business Africa, FWAE and other opportunities for member-companies;
• Management of the Organised Private Sector desk, Sectoral and, Geographical groups.
• Media Relations
• Planning and execution of statutory meetings such as the Annual General Meeting, Governing Council meetings, etc.

• Coordinates the quarterly meetings of the Committee of Human Resource and Learning Experts (CHRLE).


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