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What we do

What We Do


NECA performs most of its functions at the departmental levels. Below are some of our departments involved in carrying out our mandates in their respective areas.

The Social Economic & Labour Affairs Department, handles economic & business sustainability issues, policy advocacy, advisory, human resources and consultancy Services among others. We carry out Socio- Economic research and preparation of memoranda on topical industrial and economic issues which we disseminate to our member companies.

Our Mandate:

Advisory Services
Consultancy Services (Recruitment)
Survey (Commissioned and non-commissioned)
Information Bank
Our Target Audience

Member Companies
Other Businesses
Government Departments and Agencies
NECA member companies & other organisations
Nigerian Youths in the case of TSDP
International Agencies e.g. ILO, IOE, etc
Every other person in need of information, including other BMOs
Embassies and High Commissions
NECA member companies & other organisations

The Learning and Development Department plans, develops and organizes training programmes for employees of member companies and other organisations. the training types include Open/Scheduled, Enterprise Based and Policy Based training. 

Our Target Audience
Employees in different departments of companies in the Private and Public Sectors in Nigeria. These are corporate staff of companies operating in the different sectors of the economy - manufacturing, services, oil & gas, aviation, hospitality, agricultural, chemical, metalic, food, banking etc. 

Reasons to train your employees

  • Increased Productivity
    Less need for Supervision
    Enhanced Ability to Change
    Seamless skills transfer for higher responsibilities
    Enhanced Company Image
    Reasons to partner with NECA

Our resolve is to meet your needs. All programmes are designed to meet your needs and desired objectives. As an Employers' Organisation, we have first-hand knowledge about Employers' issues and challenges. These we bring to beaar in our interactions with you to ensure that we ad value and exceed expectations.
We are involved in building the skills required for business growth and for economic development. We are the strategic partner in skills empowerment for numerous brown field projects in institutions and training centers across the country.
Almost 60years interaction with Employers, Employees, Government and the Internationl Community, having interacted with employees and employers' representatives and other stakeholders for almost 60years, we understand employees' psychology and how best to impact the companies' most valuable asset for improved productivity.

Over the years, we have amassed in our network, viable, knowledgeable, vibrant and experienced resource professionals. These include experts and highly recognised professionals and ILO Master Trainers who deliver value through easy to understand methodologies such as:

Lecture sessions for conceptual groundwork
Team/Group Exercise
Case Studies
Video/Audio Clips
Role Play and Simulations
Assessments etc.
The sessions are practical, real and laced with true life experience to reinforce learning.


NECA is proud to partner with the public sector to promote technical skills and create safe working environments. We have two important projects for this purpose - the Technical Skills Development project (TSDP) and Safe Workplace Intervention Project (SWIP)

Technical Skills Development Project (TSDP)

It's always about people and skills. Business is driven by several factors including the skills set of the workforce. In partnership with government agencies and departments, NECA is determined to bridge the skills gap through this PPP effort.

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Safe Workplace Intervention Project (SWIP)

Safety in the workplace is of primary interest to the public and private sectors. This partnership encourages the implementation of international best practices in protecting workers from harm in the workplace. 

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For over 60 years NECA has been the voice of business on varied and diverse issues aimed at improving the environment for enterprises to survive and flourish. Our membership cuts across all sectors of the economy and all sizes of businesses from micro to conglomerate.
The most successful brand are those who approach learning and development as a business strategy. Untrained staff can drain management resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. Therefore training is imperative.

Head Office

Plot A2, Hakeem Balogun Street
Central Business District Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos

Open Monday to Friday
From 9.00am - 4.00pm
Enquiries: Tel: 234-1-3422356/01-3422857

Friday, December 01, 2023