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Entrance Fee - N100,000

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Annual Subscription Plans

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Ordinary Member 1
Turnover of under N500m per annum
N 75,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 2
Turnover of between N500 million - N1 billion per annum
N 90,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 3
Turnover of under N1 billion N5 billion per annum
N 105,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 4
Turnover of under N5 billion - N7.5 billion per annum
N 135,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 5
Turnover of between N500 million - N1 billion per annum
N 165,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 6
Turnover of between N12 billion - N15 billion per annum
N 187,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 7
Turnover of between N15 billion - N17.5 billion per annum
N 262,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 8
Turnover of between N17.5 billion - N20 billion per annum.
N 337,500 / Year
Ordinary Member 9
Turnover of between N20 billion - N22.5 billion per annum
N 412,500 / Year
Ordinary Member 10
Turnover of between N22.5 billion - N25 billion per annum
N 487,500 / Year
Ordinary Member 11
Turnover of over N25 billion - N27.5 billion per annum
N 600,000 / Year
Ordinary Member 12
Turnover of over N27.5 billion per annum
N 2,000,000 / Year
Associate Member
Professional bodies and cooperatives
N 120,000 / Year
Affiliate Member
Sectoral Groups or Associations.
N 90,000 / Year
Membership is open to tertiary institutions in Nigeria
N 30,000 / Year
For over 60 years NECA has been the voice of business on varied and diverse issues aimed at improving the environment for enterprises to survive and flourish. Our membership cuts across all sectors of the economy and all sizes of businesses from micro to conglomerate.
The most successful brand are those who approach learning and development as a business strategy. Untrained staff can drain management resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. Therefore training is imperative.

Head Office

Plot A2, Hakeem Balogun Street
Central Business District Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos

Open Monday to Friday
From 9.00am - 4.00pm
Enquiries: Tel: 234-1-3422356/01-3422857

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