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In the lifetime of all employees, there is a tendency that they will experience one of the inevitable R's - Retirement, Retrenchment, Resignation or Redundancy. Retirement is a most important phase. From both a personal and financial perspective, sustaining a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that involves critical planning and years of persistence While all employees desire to retire comfortably, the complexity and time required in building a successful retirement plan can make the whole process seem difficult. The growing interest in planning for qualitative life after paid employment has permeated governments, nations, organisations and individuals and thus caused deliberated policy action towards the care of this extensive group, made upof employees close to their retirement and retirees. Pension healthcare system and insurance schemes, corporate policies etc. have emerged to address the needs of the populace at this important phase of life. Thus, conscious palnning is imperative in ordre to take proactive steps towards achieving a reasonable level of activity, comfort, quality and meaningful life at this significant milestone. This important Course is, has become a flagship course and has, therefore, been specially packaed to assist employers support and prepare their employees for a qualitative, active and fulfilling life in retirement.

The fundamental principle of Labour Legislations is to guarantee fairness in the employment relationship and protect basic rights of parties involved. As the workplace becomes more complex and globally competitive, the line between rights and privileges is rapidly disappearing. This has resulted to increasing incidents of industrial action and work stoppages. In-depth working knowledge of Labour, Employment and Social Laws and their application is germane to industrial peace, harmony, socio-economic well-being and peaceful co-existence in and outside of work. The ignorance or lack of adequate working knowledge of the Labour, Employment and Social Laws has financially compromised many organizations, leading to colossal loss of revenue paid as damages and compensation due to breach of the provisions of the Labour Laws. This lack of requisite skills to tackle contemporary issues in human resource management and labour relations can constitute a constraint to achieving competitive advantage in today’s business world. The rapidly changing provisions of the Law have made it imperative for Human Resources Practitioners to be abreast of new developments. This important Course is, thus, designed to empower managers with knowledge and provisions of the Nigerian Labour, Employment and Social Laws. The course equally aims to exhaustively examine the legal and contemporary labour relations issues in the workplace.

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The most successful brand are those who approach learning and development as a business strategy. Untrained staff can drain management resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. Therefore training is imperative.

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